Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Say What?

I dare you to read this article, give yourself a minute, and then spell it correctly :).

Also, I have been spending time trying to refinance the house, and ever since college I have found this calculator very handy, it even lets you print out the amortization schedule.

In other news, second try this weekend to set up a playground set with my brother Chadwick for little Addison, Sophie, and upcoming niece Ruby Anne. Last weekend got a little tiring with an overnight lockin with the middle-schoolers from the Moundford Free Methodist Church, and Chadwick and I got to the morning and decided that tiredness along with the weather dictated that we give it another shot this weekend, so wish us well.


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Funny News

There seems to be a lot of weird or funny news going on are some samples..

Crazy Deer

How to clean with gasoline

Want to get Deported? Are you gay?

How to discipline children riding your bus

The views expressed here do not necessarily represent those of Larry.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Well, I have been praying for peace around the world, even though I have not had time to update the blog on the specific countries. I will always continue to pray that the oppressed will find freedom. It is almost the end of Lent, and time to celebrate Good Friday.

The basement is still flooded :(. I have not had time to stay home to watch a waterproofing company take care of the problem yet, so I shop vac everyday. That has become a very exciting ritual :). The special exit pump wore out today, but Home Depot exchanged it for a new one, so my back is spared yet again :).

Staci blew me away in our bracket pool this year, and like most years, it comes down to who picks the right champion. My hat's off to the 4 of 6 people in our bracket that chose UNC to win it all. I just didn't want them to :). So, she gets a Papa Murphy's pizza of her choosing (I know, we don't bet big :) ), and a special little trophy thing in her Yahoo profile :).

The whole family is coming down for Easter this weekend, besides Darin, Cassie, and Mady, who I am sure would want to be here, but since Mady just came along, we will see them soon enough :). It should be a great time, with great food prepared by the culinary delights of Ms. Staci.

My new job is going well, adjusting to the smaller office of it all. It is great being so close to home, and cutting back at least an hour of my day. Staci and I also joined a local gym (Club Fitness, which was running a deal where it was $500 for 3 years).

Peace out holmes.