Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Give me a Theme macky

I am looking to develop a personal slogan that I feel best embodies the virtues I put forth as a human being. Please help me in this endeavor by replying with a personal slogan or jingle that you think best suits me, and I will try to endorse it (after it meets my rigorous quality testing).

Who determines what people say about us when we're dead? We do! To some I may be cheap, to others not kind, to others I may be a wunderkind (able to do anything ;) ), and to few I may be a philanthropist (hehe).

In any case, I'm not sure I like what I'll be pegged as if life were to stop at this moment for me, and that's sad. While I'd like to change it, and have people think of me as a caring, selfless, thoughtful man of faith, it may not be easy.

We are partly born into roles, partly creating our roles, but otherwise very hard to sway as we mature. People say "oh he's very ____", or "that's not like him", but do they really know? People know what they see, and by doing that discount a person to exhibited acts. We give God tons of credit, mostly because of the actual, cold-hard facts from evidence of events which took place. However, we also give him an edge or nod of goodwill personality, believing that we know him well enough to afford our opinion of him a little added extra charm. (note: to say that God has charm may in fact be belittling him, but that is not my intent)

All I'm saying is that in order to die knowing that my life events are in order, I need to bring those around me as close as possible. They need to know how I actually think, instead of taking my comments and actions at face value. I know this may be hard, because sometimes that is all they get, but then they should deem themselves unqualified, and seek a closer authority (or closer relationship with me). I want to be close with people, and am with few (this should change too). I want to improve what people think of me, especially if this requires positive change.

Anyways, this is what I want to strive for, being a better person. That doesn't mean that I believe I'm a bad person, it means that I need to do a better job of advocating the goodness that is a part of me. This may require improved communication skills, so I will seek those, but I will also try not to obfuscate my internal messaging with unfortunate timing of inappropriate humor, and try to make sure I let more of my good thoughts come to outward actions.